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Want to find a way to determine if an IP address is a proxy? Now you can within seconds, using our proxy detection tool. Our proxy checker is an easy way for you to determine if an IP address is a proxy IP address using our search bar. In this article, we will describe to you why and how to check for a proxy address.

Why Should I Check For Proxies?

Check for a proxy IP address using proxy lists and terminal.

The most common reason on why you clicked this article was probably because your website was getting spammed or attacked by proxy users. A proxy detection service can be quite beneficial in order to prevent attacks like this.

Proxy connections are most popular among bots. This allows website scrapers or crawlers to continuously visit your site just by using a proxy service. With a proxy, it makes it difficult for your website to determine if the requests are coming from the same source, since a proxy tends to mask the IP address of the request source. Implementing a proxy checker can prevent bots from ever entering your site which can save your server resources and prevent your site from a possible downtime.

Proxy connections can also be used by spammers could could continuously post artificial reviews or comments on your site. Or can be used as a way to brute-force their way into a user’s account. Since, it is virtually impossible for your site to determine if an attacker is using multiple IP addresses to achieve their goal. One way for you to mitigate the problem would be to use a proxy and VPN detection API. Doing so, can prevent attackers from using multiple IP addresses to login to an account or post spammy content.

How Do You Check For Proxies?

Searching for a proxy IP address.

There are actually quite a few ways for your to manually check if an IP address is a proxy address.

For one, you can simply search online if the IP address that are in your logs are actually proxies or not. Looking through your logs and verifying IP address online can help you determine if an IP address is a proxy. Especially since a majority of proxies are public and available to anyone for free. There are hundreds of sites that offer proxy lists. These sites typically just list the IP addresses and the ports in order for you to connect to the proxy. Though, the best and quickest way is for you to search the IP address online. If any proxy listing sites come up associated to that IP address, it is most likely a proxy.

Another method is that you can ping into an IP addresses along side with their port number using command prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Linux/macOS). Although it’s a long shot and not quite accurate, you can check if an IP address’ port is open. Though having a common proxy port such as port 80 or 8080 doesn’t signify that that IP address is a proxy server. That IP address can very well be hosting a website. This method can help you verify if an IP address is a proxy server, if all else fails.

Probably the best way for you to check a proxy address is to use our proxy detection API. Our API offers other features such as TOR Node detection and VPN detection. Using our API allows you to get stay secure on all three protocols: VPN, proxy, and the TOR network.

Proxy Detection API

Proxy checker tool API.

Our Proxy Detection API can be implemented into your website or application within a matter of minutes. All you have to do is implement our API into you application or website and you are all set. That is all that you have to do! We do all of the difficult work such as aggregating, comparing, and combining data together. Our API is used my many businesses all around the world. Where we are also partners with many ISPs, hosting providers, and mobile carriers to ensure we have the most up-to-date possible. Having a proxy detection API can save you a ton of time in developing your own proxy detection system. Where you don’t have to constantly update and maintain the proxy data.

How To Create Your Own Proxy Checker Tool

Create your own proxy detection tool.

However, if you do want to create your own proxy detection tool, you totally can! You can simply use our API as our backend and all you have to do is to create the frontend portion of the application. Your proxy detection tool can be created using many programming languages such as Python, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, and many more! Doing so, can quickly allow you to deploy an application that has a sophisticated detection tool implemented to your service. Using our API can save you a ton of time and money. Where all of the maintenance for the detection API is left to us.

Get started with our Proxy Detection API today!