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VPN Detection Test

How Can I Detect VPN Traffic?

Detecting a VPN traffic is crucial for many businesses or websites in order to deter fraud or attacks. Many malicious activities occur when a user is behind a VPN, proxy server, or using the Tor Network because their true identity is hidden from websites and other online businesses. With a VPN detection solution, you can identify VPN traffic in order to stop unwanted nuisances in your service that can create downtime or problems.

One way to block VPN users is to incorporate a VPN detection API into your application or website. With a VPN API, you can now detect if anyone is using a VPN when they are visiting your site. Detecting a VPN can allow you to block bots, attackers, fraudulent users, spammers, and scammers from visiting your site. Preventing VPN users can also provide a safer community for your online community, where the risk is much lower than those who don’t block VPN traffic. At VPNAPI.IO, we offer a VPN Detection API, where you or your site can check if an IP address is a VPN at:

How Can I Do A VPN Detection Test?

VPN Checker API detecting a VPN IP address.
Using VPNAPI.IO can detect if an IP address is a VPN, Proxy, or Tor Node.

Step 1: Visit and enter an IP address on the search bar.

Step 2: After pressing enter or the search button, the website will then show if the IP address is a threat.

VPN Proxy Detection API detecting both a VPN and Proxy.
An example of an IP address, which shows that it is a VPN and a proxy.

How Can A VPN Detection API Protect My Website?

VPN Detection API Output. Displaying VPN, Proxy, TOR, Geolocation, and Network.
VPN Detection API that displays the IP address’ threat status, location, and network.

Using a VPN Detection API allows your website or service to check whether or not if a user is using either a VPN, Proxy, or the Tor Network. If a user is using any of those three, there is a greater risk that the user might be out to create harm to your website or business. Incorporating the VPN API into your application also allows you to add endless amount of features to your services as well.

The VPN Detection API doesn’t just check for malicious users, but it can also help your business display content based on their region. For example, if you want to sell an item, the API helps you detect what country the user is from, where your site can change the timezone and the currency for that user. Or if you only want users from specific countries to view a certain product or content, you can easily do that with our API, since it offers geolocation.

The API also displays what network range the IP address is in and displays the internet service provider (ISP) of that IP address. Allowing web admins to easily identify who owns the IP address and reporting the IP address to the ISP. Websites can also block specific networks from accessing their website by using our API by blacklisting any IP addresses associated to a specific organization or IP range.

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