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Tor Node Checker

Need to see if an IP address is a TOR Node? Look no further, with our Tor Node checker API, you can now detect if an IP address is a TOR Exit Node within seconds.

Why Do I Want To Check For TOR Exit Nodes?

Users who use the TOR network tend to use it for its anonymity features. Doing so makes it much more difficult for users to be tracked. In the TOR network, a user’s connection is relayed to multiple servers within the network, making it difficult, if not impossible to find the true IP address of a user.

How To Detect TOR Nodes?

We detect TOR Nodes by constantly crawling the net for active TOR exit nodes provided by The Tor Project. Just getting the Exit Node’s IP addresses from The Tor Project is pretty easily. However, constantly updating and maintaining the list can be a time consuming process. Instead, we created a crawler that would constantly parse the TOR Node list every 15 minutes. Any IP addresses that are not listed on the TOR Node list anymore are automatically removed. Whereas, any IP addresses that are newly added are instantly added into our servers.

How to Use Our TOR Exit Node Checker API?

You can easily use our TOR Exit Node API by visiting our website at:

TOR Exit Node Checker API

From there you can create an account, where an API key will be generated for you. Free API users can check up to 100 IP addresses per a day. While, paid users can increase their daily limit depending on the plan that they get.

After you receive your API key from the dashboard, you can begin calling the API with your key using this format:{IP_ADDRESS}?key={YOUR_API_KEY}

For more information, check out our API Documentation Page. Our API also offers VPN detection as well, making it convenient for our users to check for malicious users.