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Tor Node Detection Test

Check to see if your IP Address is a Tor Node

Find out if an IP address is a Tor Exit Node

Feel free to use our Tor detection software to check and see if an IP address is a Tor Node. This checker can be used to verify if a client has successfully been connected to the Tor Node or to blacklist a any users who are using a Tor Exit Node IP address.

Our Tor Detection API

Our Tor detection API will be a beneficial solution for businesses who want to identify and block users using the Tor network. Since 2017, our Tor detection API has provided over a million API requests to clients all over the world. We try to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information by constantly parsing Tor exit relay's IP addresses.

When calling our Tor detection API, we will provide your requested data in a JSON format. Receiving a JSON format allows our data to be compatible with many modern programming languages, such as C++, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

Why Should I Use A Tor Detection Software

Finding the true identity of Tor network users is very difficult. Users of this network tend to hide behind multiple Tor relay servers, which passes their connection through multiple servers and at the same time encrypting the user's data. This is known as onion routing, since many the connection is passed through multiple servers, acting as layers, where each time the data is encrypted between each relay node.

Though many people use the Tor network for privacy or anonyomity reasons, there are still a good amount of people who use the network to hide behind their actions. With an API that always checks if a connection is coming from the Tor network, it can assist your security needs by reducing fraud, enforcing geoblock rules, minimizing spam, and allowing you to have a better KYC (know your customer) process online.

Try Our Tor Detection Tool For Free

You can simply lookup and see if a connection is coming from the Tor network for free! All you have to do is enter in an IP address in the search bar and press enter above. After that, our software will check and see if the IP address was ever used within the Tor network within the past 180 days.

Please keep in mind that you can only check 100 addresses before a paid Tor detection API plan is required. We want developers or potential clients to try out our API for free, in order for them to see if the API is a good fit for their online services. Furthermore, we want our checker to be beneficial to web admins or small businesses who only need to make a few requests per a day.