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Introduction collects data all across the web, where our algorithm detects proxies, VPN, and Tor nodes. This gives developers and businesses a peace of mind when it comes to detecting and blocking IP addresses associated with proxies, VPNs, and Tor nodes. So far, we have worked with developers all around the world, where they use our API to enforce geo-blocking, prevent shopping or click fraud, reduce fake accounts and spam, prevent bots and malware, and more!


To use our API, you must follow the URL structure that is provided below, providing your API key at the end of the key parameter. (Please note that the API Key provided is invalid.)

After that, you should get an output similar to this:

API Response

IP - Displays the requested IP Address


VPN - Determines if IP address is a VPN
Proxy - Determines if IP address is a Proxy
Tor - Determines if IP address is a Tor Node
Relay - Determines if IP address is a Relay (ex. iCloud Private Relay)

City - Displays the approximate city of the IP address location
Region - Displays the approximate region or state of the IP address location
Country - Displays the approximate country of the IP address location
Continent - Displays the approximate continent of the IP address location
Region Code - Displays the IP address ISO 3166-1 country code
Country Code - Displays the IP address region/state code
Continent Code - Displays the IP address continent code
Latitude - Displays the latitude of the IP address
Longitude - Displays the longitude of the IP address
Time Zone - Displays the approximate time zone of the IP address
Locale Code - Determines the regional language based on the IP address location
Metro Code - Displays the metro code based on the IP address location (For US IP addresses)
Is In European Union - Determines if the IP address is located within the European Union

Network - Displays which network the IP address belongs to
Autonomous System Number (ASN) - Displays the autonomous system number of the network
Autonomous System Organization - Displays the organization that manages the network

    "ip": "",
    "security": {
        "vpn": false,
        "proxy": false,
        "tor": false,
        "relay": false,
    "location": {
        "city": "",
        "region": "",
        "country": "United States",
        "continent": "North America",
        "region_code": "",
        "country_code": "US",
        "continent_code": "NA",
        "latitude": "37.7510",
        "longitude": "-97.8220",
        "time_zone": "America/Chicago",
        "locale_code": "en",
        "metro_code": "",
        "is_in_european_union": false
    "network": {
        "network": "",
        "autonomous_system_number": "AS15169",
        "autonomous_system_organization": "GOOGLE"

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

API Rate Limits

Clients who do have a free account are limited to 1000 daily API requests.

Our clients will also have the ability to upgrade their daily API limit by purchasing a plan through their dashboard. Our Basic Plan, offers our clients 10,000 daily queries, while our Premium Plan offers 50,000 daily queries. For larger clients who need more queries, feel free to reach out to us for custom plans. We can create a custom API plan based on your needs.

The daily request limit resets itself at 0:00:00 UTC everyday.


You can easily access our API using cURL through your command line or within a programming language.

curl "{ip_address}?key={api_key}"