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Introduction collects data all across the web, where our algorithm detects proxies, VPN, and Tor nodes. This gives developers and businesses a peace of mind when it comes to detecting and blocking IP addresses associated with proxies, VPNs, and Tor nodes. So far, we have worked with developers all around the world, where they use our API to enforce geo-blocking, prevent shopping or click fraud, reduce fake accounts and spam, prevent bots and malware, and more!


To use our API, you must follow the URL structure that is provided below, providing your API key at the end of the key parameter.

After that, you should get an output similar to this:


IP - Displays IP Address
VPN - Determines if IP address is a VPN
Proxy - Determines if IP address is a Proxy
Tor - Determines if IP address is a Tor Node
Location - Displays IP location data
Country - Displays what country the IP is located
Country Code - Displays the ISO 3166 country codes
Network - Displays IP network data
ASN - Displays the autonomous system number
Organization - Displays the internet provider

    "ip": "",
    "security": {
        "vpn": false,
        "proxy": false,
        "tor": false
    "location": {
        "city": "",
        "locale_code": "en",
        "continent_name": "Oceania",
        "continent_code": "OC",
        "country_iso_code": "AU",
        "country_name": "Australia",
        "subdivision_1_iso_code": "",
        "subdivision_2_name": "",
        "metro_code": "",
        "time_zone": "Australia/Sydney",
        "is_in_european_union": 0,
        "latitude": "-33.4940",
        "longitude": "143.2104"
    "network": {
        "network": "",
        "autonomous_system_number": "AS13335",
        "autonomous_system_organization": "CLOUDFLARENET"

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.