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Proxy Detection Test

Check to see if your IP Address is a proxy

Find out if an IP address is a proxy server

Feel free to use our proxy detection software to check and see if an IP address is a proxy server. Use this tool to verify if an IP address is using a proxy. Our proxy detection tool looks at hundreds of websites daily and inputs thousands of new proxy servers daily. However, to prevent false positive, if the proxy server has not been online and mentioned in any proxy listing sites for over a year, our software will no longer label the IP address as a proxy.

Our Proxy Detection API

Our proxy detection API is the perfect solution to check and see if a user is hiding behind a proxy server. Since 2017, our proxy detection software has provided millions of API requests and parsed over 2000 public and premium proxy lists. In fact, we are constantly finding new proxy lists and adding them to our proxy database. We take this so seriously that we even subscribe to several private proxy lists in order to maintain a high accuracy rate for our API.

When calling our proxy checker API, your data will be given in a JSON format. This allows our API to be compatible with many modern programming languages, such as JavaScript, C++, PHP, and Python.

Why Use A Proxy Detection Service

You may be asking yourself, "Why do I need a proxy checker?" Well, having a proxy detection service is like having an extra security guard in front of your application or service. However, this security guard not only examines your vistor's information, but also checks and see if this vistor is on the security guard's extensive blacklist. If the security guard sees your potential vistor in the blacklist or notices something is not right, it will block the vistor from ever entering your application or service. So, in general having something that can check for proxies may be a beneficial security feature for several businesses or services.

While proxies can be used for privacy reasons, it can also be used for malicious intent. A large amount of bots and website scraping are done via proxies. Having a large amounts of bots or scrapers within your services can potentially use up your server resources or bottleneck your service's network track. With a proxy detection tool in place, it can help combat fraud, reduce spam, block bots, strengthen your KYC (know your customer) process, and enforce geoblocking restrictions. Implementing such a safeguard in place can help deter adversaries from causing trouble within your services or applications.

Try Our Proxy Checker Tool For Free

Feel free to try out our proxy checker for free! Simply enter in an IP address above in the search bar and click on the search button. After that, our service will lookup the IP and see if it has ever appeared in any proxy lists or has any open ports that are running a proxy service.

Please be aware that you are limited to 100 proxy checks before a paid proxy API plan is required. Us offering free proxy detection checks allow developers or potential clients to try out our API and see if it suits their needs. Not only that, but it can also be a beneficial online network security tool for web admins or small businesses who only need to make a few requests per a day.