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Proxy Detection Test

Check to see if your IP Address is a proxy

It seems that this IP address is not a proxy server

Find out if an IP address is a proxy server

Our proxy detection software does not detect this IP address ( to be a proxy server. This IP address is not labeled as a proxy and will not be blacklisted on online services that blocks proxies. Also, this IP address will show content that is based in United States.

Based on our records, this IP address may also be a VPN as well.

Feel free to use our proxy detection software to check and see if an IP address is a proxy server. Use this tool to verify if an IP address is using a proxy. Our proxy detection tool looks at hundreds of websites daily and inputs thousands of new proxy servers daily. However, to prevent false positive, if the proxy server has not been online and mentioned in any proxy listing sites for over a year, our software will no longer label the IP address as a proxy.