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Check to see if your IP Address is a relay IP

Check a Private Relay Service IP Address

Our private relay detection software can be used to by both visitors and website administrators. Visitors can determine if they have successfully connected to a private relay service, while a webmaster can differentiate visitors who are using a private relay service, in order to improve customer experience or prevent fraud. Our detection software can even detect users who are using Apple's iCloud Private Relay service.

What is a Private Relay?

A private relay allows you to protect your privacy online. A private relay can mask your IP address, which is a digital fingerprint that can allow websites and advertisers to track and determine your identity or data. When using a private relay, your true IP address is hidden and you are given another IP address. Some private relay services even give you options to choose your IP addresses, such as ones near your city or within your region. IP addresses are typically tied to a specific location, otherwise known as geolocation (which is a service that provides). Getting an IP address near your local area from a relay service allows you to fetch local content, which can help enhance your website experience and at the same time provide security and privacy. Instead of having an IP address tied to a person, a relay service can have a pool of people using the same IP address, making it harder for websites to track you.

One prime example of a private relay service is Apple's iCloud Private Relay. The iCloud Private Relay is a feature that is part of Apple's iCloud+ subscription, where users can hide their digital footprint on Apple's Safari browser. At the moment, iCloud Private Relay is only supported on Safari.

Our Private Relay Detection API

Our private relay detection API is the perfect solution to verify if a visitor is utilizing a private relay service. Since 2017, our API software has provided billions of API requests to clients such as cybersecurity firms, data centers, and websites. Our API also provides geolocation, network, and security information (including VPN, proxy, and TOR detection). Our API is constantly getting the latest information, as it gathers new information every second.

When calling our private relay detection API, your data will be given in a JSON format. This allows our API to be compatible with many modern programming languages, such as JavaScript, C++, PHP, and Python.

Why Use A Private Relay Detection Service

For website owners, using a private relay detection service can be extremely beneficial to the security of your website. Attackers could use a private relay service in order to mask their identity, where they can create havoc to your website without leaving a single trace, such as spamming in your website, credit card fraud, abusing free-trials, denial-of-service attacks, and creating excessive accounts. At the same, you might also have some legitmate visitors who are using your website without any intention of creating any harm to your website. In that case, you can identify private relay users and provide additional security checkpoints within your site, such as CAPTCHAs or Javascript challenges, in order to prevent attacks and at the same time retain legitimate visitors on your site.

As for private relay users, using a private relay detection service can help you verify that you have successfully connected to a private relay service, making it difficult for websites or ad services to track you and to confrim that your identity is hidden.

Try Our Private Relay Checker Tool For Free

Feel free to try out our private relay checker for free! Simply enter in an IP address above in the search bar and click on the search button. After that, our detection API will lookup the IP address and if the IP address belongs to a private relay service.

Please be aware that you are limited to 100 private relay checks before a paid relay detection API plan is required. We offer free relay detection checks in order to allow developers or potential clients to try out our API and see if it suits their needs. Not only that, but it can also be a beneficial online network security tool for web admins or small businesses who only need to make a few requests per a day.